The onedb web page has for the past few month offered a simple way to obtain an API key. This API key allowed to create an almost unlimited number of ‘micro-databases’ on a free onedb server (called realms).

In order to make the management of these databases easier, and in preparation of releasing the JavaScript API for the onedb database engine, it is no longer possible to obtain an API key from the onedb webpage.

Instead, API keys can now be obtained from the platform:

These API keys offer the same capabilities as the API keys offered on

The appjangle platform offers a few enhanced features for the Java API. In particular:

  • The operations ‘register’ and ‘login’ allow a traditional login model with username and password. For each application, a realm is created, for which the access secret can be obtained through the login operation.
  • The applications view and edit deployed on the appjangle platform enable
  • The settings application allows to keep track of your API key and also access a private data realm particular to your user.